ADAMAWA Central: From Nyako To Binani, To Nyako…

By Adamu Muhammad Dodo

The All Progressives Congress, APC, Adamawa state is defining the politics without bitterness philosophy, typified more particularly, by the national assembly representation, with Adamawa central senatorial district as a case study.

Senator AbdulAziz Murtala Hammanyero Nyako, the Commodore was mandated to represent the electorates in the 8th national assembly. The mandate was indeed not to be a disappointment as he was by the Periscope Global Publishers, rated to be the best of the rest Senator in Adamawa state.

Apart from the salient bills he either sponsored, like the Northeast Development Commission, the Not Too Young To Run, the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (Alteration) Bill and the 2016 and the Maritime Piracy Bill, in addition to advocating for the upgrading of FMC Yola to a teaching hospital and the establishment of medical college in Modibbo Adama University of Technology, the present Modibbo Adama University, MAU Yola or the bills he cosponsored, like the Sexual Harassment in Tertiary Educational Institutions Prohibition Bill, 2016 among others, Sen Nyako whom in several of my articles, I’m pleased to refer to as Nyako Jnr. who served as Chairman, Senate Committee on Special Duties in the 8th national assembly, in addition to the constituency projects executed, had had welfare and agricultural packages enjoyed by not only the constituents, it had also cut accross the state.

Commodore’s quick interventions in the communities affected by either floods, famine or ethno-religeous feud and/or conflicts has joined in influencing the electorates to invite him for governorship with a view to get the state out of the leadership maze by restoring the eroded legacy of Nyako Snr, such as the skills acquisition for youth and women empowerment and the social welfare schemes cluelessly killed and technically buried after the legislative coup called impeachment, later to be declared unlawful by the competent court of law.

Hearkening to the electorates’ call, Nyako Jnr had made an impressive outing; he singlehandedly floated and funded the ADC party in the state and had got substantial supports of the electorates in the 2019 governorship election.

Sen Aisha Dahiru Ahmed, a.k.a Binani, whom in several of my articles I’m pleased to address as the amazing amazon, has dazzled the electorates who have projected everything positive about her mandated having been tested and trusted.

The amazing amazon had proven herself worthy as a member of the House of Representatives representing Yola North/Yola South/Girei federal constituency in the 7th Assembly (2011–2015).

Binani had sponsored constituency worthy bills to do with education, healthcare and agriculture, in addition to executing constituency projects and funding from personal purse, social welfare scheme to do with youth women and children empowerment schemes.

Binani she was who started advocating for the establishment of medical college at MAUTECH Yola, the upgrading of FMC Yola to teaching hospital and the reintroduction of the Chochi irrigation scheme among others as a House of Representatives member.

Binani was reinvited in 2019 by the larger constituents for a senatorial representation in the 9th national assembly. Her choice was indeed not to be a disappointment. She summary continued from where she started as house of representatives member. This time with tremendous success.

She sponsored the bills for the conversion of Modibbo Adama University of Technology, MAUTECH Yola to a conventional university and the establishment of medical college. These came to pass.

She sponsored the bill for the upgrade of the Federal Medical Centre, FMC Yola to a teaching hospital. This too is waiting for the presidential assent.

Her move for the completion of the Churchi irrigation is also relentless.

Going beyond her constituency, considering the bills she sponsored for upgrading the FMC Yola and establishment of National Dermatology Specialist Hospital, Garkida both in the central senatorial district, Binani nursing the spirit of fairness, conceived it humane to have a Federal Medical Centre in Mubi, northern senatorial district, as a substitute owing to population size, location and facility adequacy; a commendable bill honourably welcomed by the many electorates in not only the northern senatorial district but beyond, with the exception of the renegades from the said district, the back sliders whom Eustace Palmer the author and literary critic would in his analysis of Ousmane Sembene’s God’s Bits Of Wood, describe as bourgeois modernist escapists, the betrayers who would not only mortgage their conscience but their constituency for a miserable bargain counted out with low estimation.

The amazing amazon remains highly valued in the northern zone, even though the FMC is taken to Hong, central senatorial district, not Mubi that she advocated for; even though there’s the to be upgraded to TH FMC Yola.

Her constituency projects in addition to her personal interventions in health, education, agriculture, portable water and other social welfare schemes have jointly singled her, like the lone lady at the senate she is, as the best senator in Adamawa state, taking over from Sen Nyako Jnr.

Binani is invited, I’m told, by the teeming electorates to join the race to Dougirei Hill with a view to getting the state out of the maze. Her joining the governorship race takes another.

Sen Nyako Jnr is now reinvited by the teeming electorates to take over from Binani. Political pundits earlier observed that it would be an unopposed party primaries. However, there are some, rather unmatched candidates joining the race under APC…

To be continued…

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