An karrama Dakta Maryam Abdu a matsayin ‘Taurariyar Kaya’

Masarautar Kaya jihar Kaduna, ta karrama Dakta Maryam Abdu a matsayin taurariyar garin Kaya Jihar Kaduna.

Dakta Maryam Abdu wacce malama ce a jami’ar jihar Kaduna ta sama karin girma daga matsayin Dakta zuwa Farfesa a Jami’ar.

A dalilin wannan karin matsayi da ta samu a fanni karatu da karantarwa ne ya sa masarautar Kaya ta ga cewa abinda ya fi dacewa shine ta karrama wannan fitacciyar malama da karramawa na Taurariya.

An yi kasaitaccen biki a garin Kaya inda mutane da dama suka yi tattaki daga ko’ina a fadin kasar nan domin su taya Farfesa Maryam Abdu murnar wannan matsayi da ta kai da karramawa da masarautar kaya ta yi mata.

Baya ga mika mata lambobin girma da manyan baki suka yi, an saka mata Alkyabba domin karrama wannan karramawa da aka yi mata na Taurariyar Kaya.

Turakin Kaya, kuma dan uwa ga Farfesa Maryam Abdu, Ahmed Abdu, yayi karin haske game da wannan karramawa da aka yi wa farfesa Maryam Abdu a garin Kaya.

” Masarautar Kaya ta karrama Farfesa Maryam Abdu da karramawa ta Taurariyar Kaya ne saboda, ita ce mace ta farko a yankin Giwa da Hunkuyi, jihar Kaduna da ta kai irin wannan matsayi, wato matsayi na Farfesa.

Turakin Kaya, Ahmed Abdu a madadin Farfesa Maryam Abdu, ya mika godiyar sa ga masarautar Kaya da mutane bisa wannan karramawa da suka yi musu.

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