ASUU Strike: The Students’ Existing Condition

ASUU Strike: The Students’ Existing Condition

By: Aliyu Idris, student at BUK


“A politician divides mankind into two classes: tools and enemies”.
-Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900).

“The politicians are making some of us (students) hating our lecturers which unknowingly some of us does not know what ASUU are struggling for universities and their antecedents.

To truly digest the scenario of the excessive strikes one may reason well that why the government are not responding and fulfilling the demands of ASUU currently and in the latter years.

The students in this country testified that the government does not have them in mind, a serious government will not allow universities to be closed indefinitely for more than one hundred days.

Students receive the plight of the subjugation on several occasions, a student lost its academic year through strike and when he or she graduate after clocking thirty years on earth will not be considered for NYSC and is sidelined for some jobs due to the age barrier imposed by the oppressed government which he or she is not the cause for that misfortune but the government.

The strike is always unfavourable to the students, and because of this incessant strikes the upcoming generation are emerging to detest education which by doing it will kill the nation entirely despite the prestige it holds in the eyes of world.

Students continue to receive comeuppance at the end of each meeting between the government and ASUU principal body because the government undervalued education and sees it as a liability not an asset or human development.

The hope and motivation for the education in students is cleaved for now, university students are jest as a result of this situation but remains equanimity despite being worrisome in heart.

The students are entangled in this imbroglio, I believe and I know almost all Nigerian politicians have no children studying in public universities of Nigeria, had it been they have, the strike will be averted in a blink of an eye, their children are abroad studying with our country’s money and always graduate at their younger age, we are here bamboozled with shattered and crippled education system.

Public universities students should handle the 2023 electioneering activities painstakingly not to lose their lives and relationship with anyone because the politicians in Nigeria are birds of the same feather.

May Allah guide our leaders to understand the importance of education, may he continue to strengthen ASUU struggle for better public universities in Nigeria, Amin”

©Aliyu Idris can be reached via email at, he goes to Bayero University Kano.

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