HALIMA: The Posthumous Baby Named After Her Mother

The families of justice Muhammad Dodo and A.A Duhu have registered appreciation for the condolences over the demise of their daughter, Halima, popularly known as Da’awah Duhu, which sad incident occurred last Sunday.

The statement Sunday, issued by Adamu Muhammad Dodo, the lead publisher of the Periscope global, the head of information and media relations with FMC Yola, who is equally the husband of the deceased, has appreciated the overwhelming responses to the invitation for the funeral prayers and other funeral rites.

Read the full text below:

Registering Appreciation For Condolences Over Wife’s Death

…Prayers, pure wishes for positive growth and well-being of the posthumous preterm baby…

Adamu Muhammad Dodo

Last Sunday I took the courage to announce the death of my lovely, caring, patient and enduring wife, Halima, popularly known as Da’a, the daughter of A.A Duhu, the Garkuwan Mubi, by way of inviting the Ummah to graciously join in the Janaza prayer.

The announcement was issued hours after the Fact Check online media made a brief breaking news of the tragedy. Mr Mohammed Ismail the publisher called to say high the Sunday morning only to be told that we left for hospital.

He followed the incident to the health facility where the celebration over the birth of the bouncing baby girl would be obstructed by mourning the demise of mother, kind of elimination by substitution.

The overwhelming congregation that joined in the Janaza was a great expectation it moved me to uncomfortable tears. It is however an additional sign that the deceased had had an accomplished Sojourn with 5 children as among the sadaqatul jariyyah

My Dear Da’a lost her life hours after child birth. The posthumous preterm baby had her first breath with the birth, barely few minutes after noon and the mother had her last breath after birth, barely after the break of fasting at about 7pm.

The posthumous preterm is however discharged from the incubator serving as mother’s womb needing warm at FMC Yola, a week later; yesterday, Saturday, April 16, 2022.

The news of the tragedy has indeed attracted sympathies presented by means of condolences, both from individuals, groups and organisations within and outside the country.

I have and I am still trying to respond to the social media and GSM text condolence messages. They are indeed overwhelming.

It is however difficult to respond to all the individual condolence messages, I am therefore using this medium to acknowledge receipt and register appreciation, on behalf of the Dodo and Duhu families, for the condolence visits, phone calls, letters, Social media and text messages.

The condolences expressing shock, urged the bereaved families to remain strong; prayed for them to be granted the fortitude to bear the irreparable loss; for the posthumous baby to grow and have a promising life and for my late lovely companion to have her shahada rewarded with Jannatul Firdaus.

Thank you all for the show of care and concern; for sharing with the families the sorrowful mood of the moment.

Adamu Muhammad Dodo

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