Magoya bayan Man U da na Barcelona sun huce haushi kan kwaca-kwacan su

Salah Ya Dama Wa Magoya Bayan Man U Zazzafan Kunun Salalar Da Su Ka Amayar Kan Kociya Su:

Ɗan wasa mai zamani na ƙungiyar Liverpool ta England, Mohammed Salah, ya dama kunun salalar tarihi a filin wasa na Old Trafford, a birnin Manchester, inda ya zura masu ƙwallaye uku shi kaɗai, a ci 5:0 ɗin da su ka yi wa Manchester United a gida.

Salah ya kafa tarihi biyu. Shi ne ɗan wasan Premier na farko da ya yi tattaki har gidan abokan karawa ya zura masu ƙwallaye uku a wasa ɗaya.

Kuma shi ne ya je har Old Trafford ya sheƙa wa Manchester United ƙwallaye uku shi kaɗai, tun bayan shekaru 18 baya, lokacin da Ronaldo na farko a Real Madrid ya jefa ƙwallaye uku shi kaɗai a wasan Champions League a filin wasan.

An yi wa Manchester United wannan wulaƙancin a gaban tsohon kociyan su, Sa Alex Ferguson.

An riƙa nuno ‘yan kallo na ficewa daga filin wasa tun lokacin da aka tafi hutun rabin lokaci.

A wajen filin wasan, an riƙa nuno magoya baya na ta darzazar kwalta, su na tafiya gida a ƙasa gungu-gungu.

Sun riƙa hira da manema labarai cewa babu wani tsimi ko dabara, kawai a kori kociyan su, Solkjear, wanda dama tsohon ɗan wasan ƙungiyar ne.

Masu ra’ayin riƙau a cikin su kuwa sun riƙa cewa ba su yarda a wayi gari ba tare da an kore shi tun a cikin daren ba.

Yayin da Cristiano ya kasa jefa ƙwallo ko ɗaya a ragar Liverpool, dama kwanan nan ya riƙa ƙorafin a sauya wa kulob ɗin kociya.

Shi kuwa Paul Pogba ba a ma ƙarasa wasan da shi ba, domin an kore shi saboda ya yi wa ɗan wasan Liverpool ƙeta.

An nuno Robertson mai tsaron bayan Liverpool, bayan sun ci ƙwallo ta biyar, ya na yi wa ‘yan wasan sa faɗa da ihu da ƙaraji cewa, “mu ƙara salala masu ƙwallaye. Kada mu ji tausayin su.”

Magoya Bayan Barcelona Sun Huce Haushi Kan Motar Kociyan Su Koeman:

A wasan El-Clasico tsakanin Barcelona da Real Madrid kuwa, Barcelona ta sha kashi da ci 1:2 a gida s hannun Real Madrid.

Wannan ne karo na huɗu da Real ta lallasa Barca s gida da waje a jere.

Wasan ya samu yawan ‘yan kallo har 86,422 waɗanda su ka sayi tikiti. Sai dai kuma duk da wannan yawan, ba a cika filin wasan har an yi balbelar ‘yan kallo ba, saboda korona. Domin an yi kwantai na tikiti 12,000.

Bayan tashi daga wasa, hasalallun ‘yan ta-kifen Barcelona sun yi wa kociyan ƙungiyar Ronald Koeman kwanton-ɓauna su ka ragargaji motar sa. Tuni su ka riƙa ƙarajin cewa a sallame shi.

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