Ngwuta, Alkalin Kotun Kolin da ya yi shari’ar Abba Gida-gida da Ganduje ya mutu

Daya daga cikin Manyan Alkalan Kotun Kolin Najeriya, Sylvester Ngwuta ya mutu safiyar Lahadi ya na cikin barci.

Ngwuta ya rasu ranar 7 Ga Maris, kwanaki 21 kafin ranar da ya shirya zai yi ritaya daga aikin alkalanci. A ranar ce zai cika shekaru 70 a duniya.

Ranar 30 Ga Maris mai zuwa ce Ngwuta zai cika wa’adin ranar yin ritayar sa daga aikin gwamnati, kuma tuninya shirya yin ritaya a ranar.

Wata sanarwa da Rajistara ta Kotun Koli, Hadizatu Mustapha ta fitar a ranar Lahadi, ta bayyana cewa Ngwuta ya mutu wajen karfe 2:30 na dare, ya na cikin barcin da bai sake farkawa ba.

Ta kara da cewa kafin rasuwar sa an kwantar da shi Babban Aibitin Kasa na Abuja, tsawon mako daya.

Hadiza ta kara da cewa yayin da ciwon sa ya yi tsanani, sai aka maida shi bangaren masu jin-jiki sosai, amma kuma an tabbatar da yi masa gwaji, ba shi dauke da cutar korona.

“Yanzu dai an killace gawar sa a dakin ajiye gawarwakin asibitin, har zuwa lokacin da za a rufe shi a kabari.”

Ngwuta dai dan asalin jihar Ebonyi ne. Ya zama Mai Shari’a a Kotun Koli cikin watan Maris, 2011. Shi ne ya zartas da hukuncin shari’ar tankiyar zaben 2019 na gwamnan jihar Kano, tsakanin dan takarar PDP Abba Gida-gida da kuma Gwamna Abdullahi Ganduje na APC.

Ya na daya daga cikin manyan alkalai wadanda EFCC ta kai farmaki gidajen su cikin 2017, bisa zargin su da harkallar makudan kudade.

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  14. The Viking-themed Konung Casino offers a wide range of slot, digital, live casino and other games. When you sign up for Konung Casino, you will be eligible for a 100% bonus up to 300 Euros and 50 free spins on your deposit. Your second deposit will be eligible for a 70% bonus plus 30 free spins while you’re third deposit will be eligible for 60% and 35 free spins. Players from the USA are no different to this rule. Only some US states decided to authorize gambling games and poker and therefore, in an American context, there are two main types of online gambling sites – regulated and non-regulated. Regulated online casinos rarely accept players from the USA; so if you find an online casino open for American gamblers, most probably, it’s an illegal one, e.g. operating without a license. Nevertheless, these non-regulated online casinos keep up with world trends and offer their clients excellent gambling experience, quality fair software and, what’s more important, lucrative promotions, including no deposit bonuses. Your access has been blocked due to possible malicious activity originating from your IP address. If you believe your IP address has been blocked inappropriately please submit the form below with all required fields to request removal of your IP address from our Intrusion Prevention System’s block list. But along with the 2000 slot-machine maximum, the compact placed limits on the table games the Indian casinos could offer. “We do not have any dice games, so no craps,” Symington explained. “We can’t have baccarat, roulette, and that kind of stuff. It doesn’t make sense, but we don’t have them.” Since the passage of Proposition 1A in 2000, which removed Indian tribes from California’s prohibition on “casino-like gambling,” the gaming machines themselves have been identical to those found in Las Vegas casinos. “Before that,” Sites said, “They ran only class-two games in California. Now, we’re running class-three games, which are more sophisticated gaming devices. They run on computerized random-number generators.”

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