The Creature Casting The Creator In Political Adamawa!

…The Conference For Conspiracy with unrelated casts at the Rock where the Convener commands Divine authority…

The Creature, rather than submitting to the Creator in appreciation and worship over a divine flavoured favour, tasty test, would rather be intoxicated by accidental borrowed responsibility, assume power and authority, reflective of the conspiracy conference and the she-convener playing the he-God at the Rock; the seat of power.

The setting is the State House, the convener and the seemingly unrelated casts are of the same state and the theme is political Adamawa where the convener conspires against, to crush a cousin – the governorship candidate – or have the widely supported candidate crash landed.

It was a conference of coercion where the selected candidates in attendance would be made to disguise their political leaning and engage in disgusting endorsement, acting the seeming uncreative utopian crafted script; one in anonymity would hurriedly refer to as injurious jockey journey driven by overambitious contempt bereft of ingenuity. A mission impossible with the convener arrogating to …self, a divine authority, another attendee would reflect.

The convener presented to the convention a journey of self-deception, playing the God, anonymous attendee would disclose that all through, the convener assured the convention of how very powerful she is and her capacity to determine outcomes, especially in Adamawa State.

It was said that she enumerated to the convention the powers she has, to influence the course of events including removing the national chairman of the party should he decline her decision.

The convention was described as the convener’s arrogant display of superimposed self-supremacy while intimidating the unsuspecting attendees to high heavens where she declared that none of the candidates would win the next election without her – not God’s – support.

The candidates were said to have responded through representatives for each category; one Senatorial, one House of Representatives and one House of Assembly.

The party leadership and a few selected stakeholders have also given their take, while one of the gubernatorial aspirants gave the closing remarks.

All the candidates made it clear to the meeting that two major obstacles might impede their success at the next round of elections.

Should there be no gubernatorial candidate for the APC in the state, all other candidates from presidential to the state House of Assembly will be hard to sell.

As it is, they are all very low on funds to prosecute their campaigns and that there is an urgent need to provide them financial support

The convener have presented somewhat dismissive offence she alleged her cousin the governorship candidate committed to count for crushing:

After acknowledging that they are first cousins and close family relations with “Uwani” as Senator Aishatu Dahiru Ahmed Binani is called within family circles, the convener said that Binani offended her by crossing over to PDM in 2015; that she sent emissaries to ask her to remain in APC in order to support her husband but Binani refused. Wasn’t it a cheap blackmail?

Nuhu Ribadu whom she supports now was a presidential candidate who contested with her husband as much as he was an APC member who defected to the PDP to fly the flag of PDP as gubernatorial candidate, he later returned to APC and distracted the convener’s brother during the 2019 governorship primaries.

The deputy Governorship candidate she endorsed was an APC member who defected in order to serve as a Commissioner in a PDP government in the state headed by Bala Ngillari.

Some of the candidates at the convention would reveal that they were told that in the unlikely event Binani recovers the ticket at the Appeal Court, they should be prepared to work against her as they did to Bindow in 2019. They called this agenda ” *the secret within a secret.

Some of the key candidates invited to form the coalition at the Rock include the APC National Vice Chairman North East. The State Working Committee of the Party,
aspirants for Governor Nuhu Ribadu, Namdas, Wafari Theman but Binani was not invited because she’s the cast or character the coalition is convened to be outcasted by the convener.

One Senatorial Candidate from the Southern Zone. The Senatorial Candidates for Central and Northern zones boycotted the meeting

House of Representatives candidates candidates and all serving members of the House of Representatives, APC House of Assembly candidates (all 25)

Some selected persons known to either support Nuhu or oppose Binani and Former Deputy Governor Martins Babale who is the interim coordinator of Tinubu Campaign in Adamawa State.

*Highlights of the meeting.*

…The convener said Nigeria is not ripe for a female gubernatorial candidate or an elected female governor. That the maximum women should expect is a female deputy governor; that she asked Tinubu if he will allow a female governor in Lagos and he said no. She therefore said she will only allow them to have a female running mate but not a female candidate.

…The key stakeholders at the meeting were forced to sign a document endorsing Nuhu Ribadu as the gubernatorial candidate and Ambassador Patricia, the current women leader, to be the running mate. All other gubernatorial Aspirants were assured a place in Tinubu’s government at the centre.

…On the Court case at the Court of Appeal and several other cases such as the one for the southern Senatorial Candidate, the House of Representatives for Mubi, the first lady boastfully said she would invite the Attorney General of the Federation and the Judges in order to direct them (ridiculously so) to make sure the cases go as follows;
In the case of Nuhu Ribadu vs Binani, the court will rule in favour of a rerun election for the primaries.
In the case of the others, the courts will dismiss all the cases.

…She also insinuated that she has influence on the Supreme Court and that should any of the cases reach the highest court of the land, she will make sure it’s dead on arrival.

…In the case of the current governor coming up for judgement at the supreme court, the convention was made to believe that it’s almost a foregone conclusion that the governor will be disqualified from contesting and that he will be made to work for the Nuhu Ribadu/Patricia ticket.

…The setting up of a committee made of serving members of the House of Representatives to mobilize funds for the financing of the campaigns in Adamawa State especially those of the state Assembly members.

…The convener will directly take charge of all affairs of the APC in Adamawa State and once the cases are over and Nuhu Ribadu becomes a candidate she will roll out the campaign plans.

…Certain individuals were instantly appointed directors of media, administration, mobilization etc of the Tinubu Campaign Council in Adamawa State which will in turn also be the driver of the gubernatorial campaign as well.


Apart from the reckless statements on the judiciary which one or two persons tried to caution, the biggest bombshell was that the convener said she is in Talks with Atiku Abubakar with regards to the soon to be disqualified PDP governorship candidate in the state who is the incumbent governor.

All attendees were shocked as to how a leading member of the APC campaign council will be in a political (not personal or family) talks with the candidate of the opposition.

*History repeating itself.*

In 2015 Mallam Nuhu Ribadu was not popular within the PDP, the current governor was the choice of the majority, he used his connections with the Villa to move the primaries from Yola to Abuja and he won the nomination but came third in the election to the extent of being defeated in his polling unit, ward and LGA by Marcus Gundiri.

In 2023 he is repeating the same thing by coming to Abuja to receive the endorsement of people who cannot even deliver their polling units. Meanwhile the person whose ambitions he scuttled in 2015 contested in 2019 and by the grace of God the governor of the state. He sought nomination in 2019 and lost to then sitting governor. He only succeeded in delaying the will of God but he never stopped it. So shall it be in the case of Binani insha Allah.

It was a playing God convention at that little venue while God himself was watching. Some called the meeting a “military government meeting ” others said it was “martial law” in practice. But God is definitely in charge.

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