Zaura: A true Unifier and a Bridge-builder

Al-Amin Ciroma

He is not only a complete gentleman with unique styles in all his dealings with his people, the APC bigwig Alhaji Abdulsalam Abdulkareem Zaura popularly known as A. A. Zaura used his styles in politics to forster peace, understanding and tolerance within his party and also beyond the boundary lines.

We call him man of peace, who has the talents to neutralize all aggrieved parties and make them one loving family.

Just recently, Alhaji Zaura visited the family of late Sheikh Aliyu Harazimi at their Hausawa residence in Kano State at Gwale Local and was hosted by Khalifa Sayyadi Kawu Sheikh Harazimi. He was there to console them on the death of the cleric.

The visit is one too many in his records, despite all busy schedules.

In a case where his pairs are busy hosting delegates, party movers and shakers, government officials, Zaura will be seeing visiting everyday people, less privileged and needies, including attending all manners of social gatherings.

A. A. Zaura, as it’s sounds in all neighborhood, not only in Kano State, but all over the north and the country as a large, has succeeded in creating a niche for himself as far as the polity is concerned.

He is always qouted as saying that politics is not a do-or-die affair. Out of his wisdom, he sees all aspirations in the game as a simple way of expressing ones profession, and if given the opportunity, a wise man to grab it and regenerate his immediate constituency.

This can be seen clearly, even when he lost his party’s flagship title after a consensus was drawn by the party leadership. Zaura, promised and proved himself beyond all reasonable doubts that he is not shaken, and can continue supporting, contributing and hugely extending his hands of pilantropism to everyone as usual.

As the course continues, analsys say that not only Kano State, but the whole country need to choose Zaura-like in any position he is veying.

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